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5 ways your office can go green in 2018

5 ways your office can go green in 2018

As the new year kicks off, your employees are setting resolutions and trying out new healthy habits. Why not join them? With a few simple green office practices, you can make your workspace more environmentally friendly in 2018 – and save money and time in the process!


#1 Breathe easier

Make sure to vacuum your newly green office with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. These high-efficiency filters remove more particles from the air, which makes your cleaning green and effective. As a bonus? Employees with asthma or allergies will notice the difference! And if you haven’t changed your air filters in a while, add that to your New Year’s to-do list so your HVAC system can run more efficiently. One surprising way to improve office air quality is to add some low-maintenance house plants, which can filter the air and boost employee morale! Good Air Geeks has a great list of suggested plants that you could consider adding to your office space.


#2 Go paperless

Does your staff regularly print documents that could be reviewed, shared, and stored electronically? Going green by cutting down on printing doesn’t just save trees – it’ll also lower your dust levels and make it easier to clean the office. Plus, you’ll save money on printer and toner costs, and free up storage space. Try scanning documents instead of making copies, and sharing them on your local network or a cloud-based platform. Recycle hard copy files that you aren’t required to store, and keep digital files organized so they’re easy for everyone to access.


#3 Clean with microfiber

A powerful green cleaning swap is replacing paper or cotton towels with microfiber cloths, which are better at trapping dirt and absorbing liquids and create less waste because they can be washed and reused. You’ll cut down on trash, clean up office kitchen messes in a snap, and tackle everyday cleaning tasks like dusting off your freshly organized desk (hey, it’s a new year!) without even having to use chemicals.


#4 Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Speaking of chemicals, switch to earth-friendly cleaning supplies for your green office - and employees with sensitive skin or allergies will appreciate the change! A mix of vinegar and water will leave your bathrooms, windows, and the office kitchen sparkling. Try a hydrogen peroxide solution for disinfecting desks, cubicles and door handles to keep germs from spreading during flu season. There are tons of green cleaning products on the market, too – check for the Green Seal or browse the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning.


#5 Cut down on energy usage

From LED lighting to programmable thermostats, technology can help you lower your energy usage as you go green. Make sure your lights are set to turn off automatically, either at the end of the day or when motion sensors haven’t detected any movement for a while. Using battery-powered cleaning equipment will not only lower your electric bills, it will allow you to cover a wider area at once and reduce maintenance costs (no more yanking cords from outlets or scraping your baseboards).

Remember: small changes can make a big impact. it’s a new year, and your green office awaits!

Thinking about hiring a green cleaning service? Skyline Services would be happy to chat about our eco-friendly commercial cleaning!