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Fall Cleaning Checklist 2018

Fall Cleaning Checklist 2018

Spring cleaning gets talked about the most. However, tackling almost all of your cleaning work at one time can be quite overwhelming. Why not take the time to tidy up and check things over in the fall? It will feel great to have a cleaner home during the winter and you’ll be well-prepared for the cold months. Download our fall cleaning checklist at the bottom of this post to help keep your tasks organized!


Window Cleaning Before Winter

If you have floor windows, you should remove screens (which won’t be needed in the winter). Clean any dirt and grime out from around the windowsill, and inspect the screen itself for rips, tears, dust, and other damage. Find a safe place to store your screens for the winter, and remember to label each one using pencil or chalk so that you can re-install it in the correct window when spring comes around. Lastly, replace those screens with storm windows if you can.


Fall is also great time to fit in some end-of-the-year exterior window cleaning. You won’t be able to clean the windows outside your house during the winter, so don’t procrastinate - for best results, make sure to get it done before the temperatures drop too drastically. While it’s still warm outside, take the time to wash off the dirt, grime, dust, and spots that accumulated on the exterior glass throughout the summer.


Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

Like window cleaning, this is another task that can be more difficult when the weather is frigid, so it’s a great idea to take care of it before winter. Sometimes people think of cleaning carpets in the spring, but it can actually make a lot of sense to do it at the end of the summer. For example, if you have your windows open during the summer, you’re letting in more dirt, allergens, and dust that are constantly getting trapped in the carpet. Take a look at this blog post about carpet cleaning if you’d like to learn more.


Indoor Cleaning Tasks

Having a clean furnace filter helps your heating system function properly and efficiently - when was the last time you changed yours? We recommend switching out your furnace filter in the fall. Then you’ll be ready with a clean filter when you start using the furnace more heavily in the cold winter.


If you have a fireplace, you’ll be using it more in the winter, so fall is a perfect time to give it a thorough cleaning. Remember to stock firewood in advance.


Finally, clean out the hood filter above your stove - it’s an absolute grease trap. Peek into other nooks and crannies in the kitchen and thoroughly wipe down any surfaces that don’t get cleaned very often. Then visit the laundry room and take the time to check your dryer vent and make sure it’s clean and unobstructed.


If you have time, move beds and furniture to the side so that you can get rid of the dust that collects underneath. You might be amazed at the amount of dirt, dust, and allergens that make their way into your home throughout the summer!


Preparing For Winter

Consider placing orange stakes along the edge of your driveway in preparation for winter - when a blizzard dumps snow over everything, you’ll be able to identify the edges of the pavement.


Ensure that your shovel and/or snowblower is in good condition, and stock up on deicing salt.


Organize your garage so that things are stored where you can find them. Perhaps it will grow cluttered during the winter anyways, but you can prevent things from getting out of hand. You’ll also have less work to do when you clean it out after winter is over.


By putting some effort into fall cleaning, you’ll feel less overwhelmed when April rolls around and it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. Balancing your cleaning tasks throughout the year will help you keep a more organized home. You’ll also be prepared for anything that gets thrown your way - no matter the time of year.


Remember to download our fall cleaning checklist below to make sure you don’t miss anything important!