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How to choose the best cleaning service for your home

How to choose the best cleaning service for your home

Hiring a residential cleaning service can save you time and stress – and can even make you happier. A 2017 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who spent money on time-saving services reported greater overall life satisfaction.

But choosing the best cleaning service for your home can be intimidating. How do you find a cleaning service that is a good fit for you?

It is important that you trust the team that will be entering your home and caring for your belongings. Selecting a service based on low pricing or a handful of online ratings could leave you feeling dissatisfied or anxious. When choosing a residential cleaning service, make sure you’re asking the right questions:

How does the residential cleaning service hire and train employees?

The best cleaning services hire reliable, dedicated employees and train them thoroughly so that all their teams will provide the same high level of service in each home. Employees should be taught how to select the best cleaning products for each situation, treat a variety of surfaces and materials, and eliminate bacteria and allergens. And training isn’t a one-time event – a good residential cleaning service will also provide employees with continuing education.

What products does the home cleaning service use?

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of house cleaning, ask the cleaning service whether they offer eco-friendly products and high-efficiency equipment. Pet-owners should make sure that the company sticks to cleaning supplies that are safe for your furry companions. You should also check whether the residential cleaning service minimizes paper waste by using microfiber cloths.

How does the company handle customer communication?

When you want to schedule an extra cleaning, ask questions, or make changes to your routine, it’s important to be able to easily and quickly communicate with your home cleaning service. When you initially make contact, they should be willing to take the time to answer all your questions and should explain their process for communicating with customers on an ongoing basis. Do they have an online scheduling and payment system? Is there a simple way to pass information along to your cleaning crew? The best cleaning service will communicate with you proactively and make it easy for you to connect with them.

Will the home cleanings be consistent?

Homeowners appreciate when their residential cleaning service sends the same crew on the same schedule, week after week. The security of knowing when and how your home will be cleaned - and who will be in your home providing the service - will give you peace of mind. And if the company retains employees for a long period of time, it demonstrates that they are taking good care of their most valuable resource - their staff.

Can the residential cleaning service offer you top-to-bottom home care?

When investigating cleaning services, ask whether the company offers specialized services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or tile and grout cleaning. The best cleaning service can not only handle all of these critical home maintenance tasks, but they can help you schedule them in advance so you don’t need to keep track of when each is necessary. Your residential cleaning service should be your partner in caring for your home, offering you the convenience of a single contact point for a variety of services.

How long has the company been operating?

Find a cleaning service that has been in business for years and has had the opportunity to optimize its processes and techniques. A company with a long history will also have built strong client relationships and should be able to connect you with multiple references. Make sure you ask for and contact references during your search process.

Is the home cleaning service locally-owned?

While a national cleaning franchise offers name recognition and standardized pricing, a locally-owned residential cleaning service will be deeply invested in your community. Local businesses understand the particular needs of their customers, and they are often involved in community events, neighborhood associations, and local charities.

What is the company’s ethos?

The best cleaning service will be able to tell you what kind of company they are and why they are in the cleaning business. They should care about customer relationships, quality service, trust, and teamwork. And of course, these principles should be evident in their performance, so don’t hesitate to ask references to confirm that the company lives up to their values.

Above all, you should choose a residential cleaning service that makes you feel comfortable and respected. Representatives should listen patiently to your concerns, be willing to answer all your questions, and provide detailed cost estimates. Remember: you are inviting a team of experts into your home to provide a regular, essential service. It’s worth taking the time to find a cleaning service you trust!