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Fall Cleaning Checklist 2018

Posted on: 09/30/2018
Spring cleaning gets talked about the most. However, tackling almost all of your cleaning work at one time can be quite overwhelming. Why not take the time to tidy up and check things over in the fall? It will feel great to have a cleaner home during the winter and you’ll be well-prepared for the cold months. Download our fall cleaning checklist at the bottom of this post to help keep your tasks organized!

Exterior Window Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole System

Posted on: 09/03/2018
Even if you haven’t seen it in real life, you’ve certainly seen it in a movie: the platform precariously suspended off the edge of a building with an elaborate pulley system, the window washers trying to maintain their balance four stories above the ground. When you think of exterior window cleaning, perhaps this is the image that comes to mind. However, there are better methods of window cleaning.

Flu season: Protect yourself by disinfecting these trouble spots

Posted on: 04/09/2018
How can you and your family stay healthy during a nasty flu season? Start by disinfecting the surprising places in your home where germs love to linger.

5 ways your office can go green in 2018

Posted on: 08/30/2018
Make the planet a priority this year with these tips for an environmentally-friendly office. Bonus: it’ll save you money and boost employee health!

Boost Your Home Sale Potential with These Six Improvements

Posted on: 01/15/2018
If you’re ready to put your house on the market, you might want to put your ambitions on pause. Although real estate remains a hot commodity, you won’t get top dollar for your property if it receives a lukewarm reception. Here are six home improvement projects that will help your home stand out and result in more money in your pocket.