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7 cleaning hacks for your holiday party

Posted on: 04/09/2018
You can’t wait to throw your annual holiday party, with decadent food, seasonal music, and a house full of people you love. There’s a catch, though – you’re dreading the pre-party holiday cleaning. Instead of stressing out, try these simple holiday cleaning hacks to save you time and effort!

3 Easy Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars on Home Repairs

Posted on: 10/18/2017
When it comes to home maintenance, it can be easy to ignore (or forget) the little tasks that need to be done. We focus our attention on the tasks that we can see. Having a beautiful home is something to be proud of, but what about an energy-efficient home? A safe home? An affordable home without major repair? While these maintenance tasks may not feel worthy of a social media update, they are still very important.

How to choose the best cleaning service for your home

Posted on: 09/12/2017
Hiring a cleaning service for your home can save you time and stress, but choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Besides pricing, what else do you need to know to make the best decision? Here are some key questions to ask as you investigate your options.

How cleaning can improve productivity and morale in the workplace

Posted on: 07/27/2017
If you’re not getting your office professionally cleaned frequently enough, some cleaning tasks will fall onto employees, and it’s unlikely that employees will share the burden evenly. Many employees will lose productivity by spending time cleaning up after others’ messes. By hiring out the time-consuming task of keeping the office clean, you free your talent up for tasks that require more creativity and problem-solving.

Overwhelmed by spring cleaning? House cleaners could help

Posted on: 06/24/2017
If you’ve ever walked into your garage with a strong resolve to finally get it organized now that winter is over, become overwhelmed by the mess, and turned right back around, you are not alone. Spring cleaning is an exciting time of new beginnings for some, but it can be a daunting project for others.