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Full Office, Window & Carpet

You are a professional so you want to work with professionals who share your commitment to quality and value for your customers. Skyline is a family-owned and operated company that lives by that same commitment. We will work with you as a collaborating partner to efficiently meet your unique needs.


Skyline works closely with you to build and deliver professional cleaning solutions to keep your office or facility running efficiently, while providing your employees a safe, pleasant place to work.

Carpet & Upholstery

The carpets and furniture in your facility are a significant investment, deserving a high level of care and attention. By utilizing techniques appropriate for your office and facility, applied by IICRC trained technicians, Skyline ensures your investment is protected and maintains its original beauty.

Tile & Grout

Tile installations often grace your highest traffic areas (foyers, restrooms, and lobbies); unfortunately, cleaning services often overlook these surfaces. Skyline understands the importance of maintaining the original luster of tile and grout. Efficient cleaning with the right products in the hands of our trained technicians can restore the original beauty of stone, ceramic and composite materials.


Clean windows provide employees and visitors with ambient light, a sense of open space, and a welcome break from generic office interiors. Our expertly trained staff will provide internal and external window cleaning for any 1 or 2 story building.

Resilient Floor Care

Resilient flooring requires consistent care and maintenance to preserve a brilliant, polished surface. Frequent sweeping and mopping improves the appearance and service life, as well as reducing the risk fall hazards and improving indoor air quality and building cleanliness. Routine buffing and/or re-coating keeps the flooring looking new and protects your investment long term.


Given the significant time investment involved in any construction project, site cleanup must be thorough and driven by experts who demand results. New occupants have high expectations; Skyline’s professional staff, years of experience, exceptional efficiency, and proven methods will consistently meet those high expectations.

Consumables Supply

Ensuring that consumable products such as hand towels, toilet paper, tissue paper, and trash liners are consistently stocked can be an increasingly difficult task as your business grows. Fortunately, Skyline can put your mind at ease by delivering and stocking your consumable products, so they are there when you need them.

Special Event

Whether you have an important board meeting or a birthday celebration at the office, Skyline can assure that the designated rooms are professionally cleaned and prepared. After your successful event, we will take care of cleaning up and removing any extra debris from decorations or refreshments. It is our pleasure to help relieve any stress associated with special events for your business.

Regular Services

As a business professional, we know you have enough work to do without worrying about cleaning services for your office or building. Let us help you remove one thing from your growing to-do list. We would be happy to set up a consistent cleaning plan for you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Services By Request

Are the cleaning needs for your business irregular and difficult to predict? We completely understand… and we still want to help. Just call our office for as-needed cleaning projects, including construction and remodeling cleanup, carpet extraction, annual deep cleaning, and emergency services.

CASE STUDY: Catastrophe Clean-up

Client Site is in Bad Shape.

The Challenge

Already a preferred vendor for a local construction company, Skyline further distinguished itself as a trusted partner when the contractor asked us to step in and remedy a poorly executed site cleanup. His company had recently completed the extensive renovation of a medical laboratory, and the builder had used his own facility’s cleaning crew to handle the task. It soon became clear they were not up to the job. When stripping and waxing a VCT floor, a significant amount of floor stripper was sprayed on the freshly painted walls and unfinished wood doors. Both the builder and client were unhappy with the results and called us to resolve the various issues.

Our Solution

First, we met with the construction Project Manager and the medical company Administrator. In addition to the challenging cleaning project, we learned that time was of the essence; a group of investors would be onsite in just a few days. The facility had to be spotless, and the floor needed a flawless shine.

Facility Restored!

Our cleaning prep included thoroughly protecting the walls, doors, and cabinetry. We placed walk-off mats and safety signage at all entries. We re-stripped and properly rinsed the tile, adding three coats of finish. This left brilliant, sparkling floors. We finished by dusting and wiping all surfaces, leaving the facility clean and ready for the investor meeting.

Both the Project Manager and the Administrator were delighted with our ability to satisfy their urgent request, meeting a difficult timeline while delivering outstanding results. The medical lab was also very pleased with Skyline’s performance; soon afterward, they hired us to perform nightly cleaning for their company.

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Everyone at Skyline agrees that speedy response time is mandatory for maintaining happy customers. Our management team utilizes a variety of communication tools to stay in touch with you, including e-mails, phone calls, text messages, website forms, and on-site cleaning documentation logs. In most cases, we will return your message immediately or within the space of two hours.

Yes. Our professional cleaning team is fully bonded and insured. Skyline Services carries comprehensive liability coverage that exceeds industry standards. If you would like a copy of our certificate of insurance, please contact our office.

Once your cleaning service has been implemented, we will establish benchmarks and standards for your commercial space, schedule supervisory visits to evaluate efficiencies, seek your feedback, and strive for continuous improvement of processes. We are proud of the fact that our ratio of supervisors to team members is vastly superior to other cleaning companies in our area, which guarantees better security and oversight for your business.

Skyline offers several payment options. For your convenience, invoices are sent by email and include a link for electronic payment. Some customers chose to pay with their own on-line banking methods or sending a check in the mail. If you would like to talk about which payment methods is best suited to your situation, please call our friendly office staff.

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